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"Steve is very knowledgeable and his experience and expertise provides a path to learn great skills and good habits that will stay with me for a lifetime. His one-on-one approach is not only affordable, but allows me to know I am learning the right way instead of second guessing myself."
-- Tom

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just got my concealed handgun license (CHL), what should I do next?

Great question. As you've just found out, it took absolutely no firearms training or experience to obtain your CHL. You've sat through a lecture on fundamental safety and the laws that govern the use of firearms, but up to this point, you may not have even touched a firearm in your life! Can you imagine getting a driver's license under the same circumstances? It probably wouldn't end well! I would strongly recommend receiving tactical firearms training in order to develop the skills, experience and mental preparation to protect yourself and others with a firearm.

Do I need any prior shooting experience?

No, we begin training for all students in basic courses as if they've never fired a weapon before. Whether you are inexperienced or have had prior training, our instructor will assume either no experience or evaluate your current experience to make sure there aren't any bad habits that need to be redirected.

What gear is expected for me to bring to a live-fire range training?

Each type of training has a minimum number of rounds that is expected to be fired during training. Plenty of water and energy snacks are recommended, as well as a sack lunch. Other gear would include, but not limited to; eye protection, ear protection, durable clothing, gun cleaning gear, and the defensive weapon. Students participating in the pistol courses will need an appropriate gun belt and strong-side holster (no cross-draw), two magazines or speedloaders and magazine/speedloader pouches. Students participating in the shotgun course should have a stock-mounted ammunition holder. Students participating in the carbine courses should have a one, two or three-point sling as well as two additional magazines.

Additional information is available on the homepage courses tabs for each course we offer.

Is it ok if my concealed handgun license is expired?

NO!!! Unless you are a law-enforcement officer or active military, I require current licenses. I take this precaution to insure that advanced tactical training is not being provided to the bad guys.

Do you train large groups?

No. My training is designed for one-on-one instruction. These courses are highly condensed and without personalized instruction, the student could not reasonably be expected to learn or retain all of the necessary skills and knowledge in the allotted time.

There are other vendors in the area that can accommodate large group training.

My spouse would like training as well, will you train us together?

I encourage couples to training together as a team. For an additional fee, I will include the student's spouse in the training program. Students should expect to spend extra time on the range in that scenario.

I want training in other weapons that are not listed on your website. Are there other training courses available?

Yes, please contact me with your specific request and allow me an opportunity to provide information on the training you are looking for.

I'm having trouble obtaining ammunition in bulk. Can you help me?

Yes, I have certain calibers in stock at all times. Other calibers can be obtained upon request. Please contact me with your particular order at least one week prior to your next scheduled training session.

I want to attend training but haven't purchased a firearm because I'm not sure what to purchase. Do you have firearms available to rent?

Yes and this is more common than you might think. I encourage you to try several types of firearms to be able to make the best choice for your personal and home defense. I have several types of handguns, shotguns and carbines available for rental upon request.